Age Groups

 Our Tiny Champions program is designed specifically for children aged 3-4 and is delivered during a class lasting 30 minutes.  Each class follows a predictable and reassuring routine which includes a warm up, physical drill, technique and game all designed to develop our Tiny Champion’s confidence, movement and enjoyment of Jiu Jitsu.

 Our LC1 program has been designed with the specific needs and expectations of children aged 5-7 in mind. The LC1 program offers classes lasting for 45 minutes and our members should attend these classes a minimum of twice per week.  Each class includes a warm up, physical drill, self defence technique, sport Jiu Jitsu and games.

 Aged 8-10 our Little Champions will progress into the LC2 program.  Similar in structure to the LC1 program our LC2 members will be introduced to more specific live training and more complex problems and techniques.

 Our Juniors and Teens classes last for 50 minutes and are a bridge between the LC program and the adult curriculum.  Expect increased specific live training as your child becomes more confident and big smiles all round as they start to understand the power of their true potential.   

The Journey of a Great Little Champion

Your child will develop many skills through the practice of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Every child’s journey in BJJ is different but our approach to the development of young people can be broken down into the following 5 step process.

We hope this will help to guide you along your child’s unique journey as they become a Great Little Champion.

Social and Motor Skills
Step 1
We develop your child’s gross motor skills and proprioception through our fun warm ups and interactive games.

These games are specifically designed to introduce the fundamental movements of Jiu Jitsu in an exciting and engaging way.
Social and Motor Skills
Confidence, Teamwork and Creativity
Step 2
Confidence, teamwork and creativity begin to develop as we encourage your child to interact with other Little Champions and their coaches positively.

Questions are asked and encouraged to check understanding and the practice of confidently presenting ideas in front of their peers is commonplace.
Confidence, Teamwork and Creativity
Leadership, Public Speaking and Problem Solving
Step 3
When we feel that your child is ready they will be encouraged to exhibit leadership skills; examples could include demonstrating a specific technique, leading a warm up or speaking in front of the class.

Confident and more experienced Little Champions may also be encouraged to assist less experienced and newer members of the team.
Leadership, Public Speaking and Problem Solving
Physical and mental Robustness
Step 4
At this stage your child will have developed into a confident and active participant in class.

We will build their athleticism by increasing the intensity and duration of specific live training.

Our Juniors, Teens and competitive Little Champions will also be guided towards full live training.
Physical and mental Robustness
Healthy Competitiveness and a Never Give up Attitude
Step 5
Throughout this program your child will learn how to overcome obstacles and setbacks and will develop a never-give-up attitude.

We encourage your participation as their parents to goal-set and your Little Champion’s hard work will be rewarded as they progress through the belt system and may look towards competition.
Healthy Competitiveness and a Never Give up Attitude

Why Brazilian jiu-jitsu

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Discovering Potential

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu motivates kids to be active, fit and balanced young people.

We support and encourage your child to discover their own movement and physical potential.

Problem Solving

The very essence of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is one’s ability to problem solve under pressure.

This skill is vital for children to learn if they are to fulfill their potential in all aspects of life.


Gracie Barra Kids learn to become confident, respectful, resilient and supportive.

They will work together with their training partners and friends every time they are on the mat.

All You Need To Know

frequently asked questions

BJJ is great for kids on so many different levels.  Our GBK curriculum has been put together to develop your child’s confidence, resilience, physicality and problem solving ability.  Why not check out this short podcast where one of our Little Champions talks about what they like about Jiu Jitsu –



As a parent myself I understand that before enrolling your child in a new activity you need to make sure that it’s right for the whole family.  Why not get in touch and allow us to schedule a convenient time for an initial call where we’d be happy to answer all of your questions.  Be sure to check out the FAQs on other pages on our website, our blog and Youtube channel too as we’ve tried hard to answer as many of the most common questions as possible on these.

Our Tiny Champions class is great for kids aged 3-4 years old.  This is the entry point for children into our GBK program.  Feel free to schedule a free trial class to see if your Tiny Champion enjoys being on the mat

When we envisaged our academy we wanted it to be a place for everyone to come together.  Be it the close access free parking, baby change station, free water, bean-to-cup coffee and healthy snacks, free guest WiFi and even toddler play area we hope we’ve got you covered.  If you visit and have any suggestions we’d love to hear from you.

 Yes.  The safety of all of your members is our main priority.  All of our instructors and coaches are annually certified through Gracie Barra.  This process includes DBS checks and Sports First Aid training.  We’re also a UKBJJA member school and are covered by public liability insurance. If you require further information on how we keep our members safe please do get in touch.

We get it, things change, especially with our kids!  We’ll always try and be flexible and amend your child’s attendance where possible, we won’t charge for this of course.  We are limited to availability however but as the academy grows so will our class offerings and it’s our aim to be offering child classes for each age group every day of the week (we might take Sunday off!!).  Contact us to discuss your child and their unique requirements

 Great question!  Our GBK program has been purposefully designed with the right content, information and activities for children at each specific age.  To get detail on how we structure one of our Little Champions classes why not check out this blog we created.  Share it with your child prior to their first class and they’ll know exactly what to expect!

We love a challenge and it’s our job on the mat to ensure your child feels engaged and inspired.  If they’re not it’s on us and we’re to blame, not your child.  We’ve created two distinct areas that parents can view their children training.  One is beside the mat (allowing you to share your child’s enjoyment of the class and to capture their best photo memories) and the other is through a window.  The latter provides a little bit of distance between you and your child and we’ve found this can help in focusing their attention on the instructor.  If you have concerns feel free to talk with us prior to your child’s first class or why not bring them in to meet us, this can help to provide assurances and make you and your child feel more comfortable.