Gracie Barra Roundhay Leeds



Edition: #005

Published: 16/05/24

Author : Wai Yip

Sofia Burgess

1. Hi Sofia! What do you enjoy most about training at GBRL?
SB: I enjoy watching the instructors showing us the new moves.

2. What’s your favourite BJJ move, and can you tell me why you like it?
SB: 1-legged takedown because I like learning how to take my dad down.

3. You have a training partner in crime at home – your brother Ralph! Do you guys ever train together at home?!
SB: Not really, but we do fight a bit… Maybe we should turn that into practice… I do practice on Daddy, though!

4. What’s the coolest thing you’ve learned since starting BJJ?
SB: How to take my dad down.

5. Besides BJJ, do you have another favourite hobby or sport? And do you like it more or less than BJJ?!
SB: Gymnastics is my very favourite.

6. What’s your favourite snack to have before getting on the mats?
SB: Dried mango!

7. What advice would you give to a Little Champ who is just starting BJJ for the first time?
SB: Listen really well, so you know what to do.

8. And finally, if you could invent a new ice cream flavour, what would it be?
SB: Lime and pineapple!

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