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As a member of the GBRL community you know we don’t follow the crowd.  We’re not your typical martial arts academy and we’re proud to push further more often.
So when it came to creating a space to compliment our Jiu Jitsu academy it had to be great, and different.  We knew that we wanted the gear to be best in class, for it to offer both a great workout and a quiet spot for recovery and reflection and ultimately it had to fit neatly with both the GBRL and REORG missions.  we’re proud that with the REORG room we’ve hit all of these goals!
Our Premium Membership offers each member access to the REORG room each week with  multiple sessions lasting 60 minutes each.  We restrict the number of members in each session to only 2 which means that you can always find the gear you want (no more waiting for the rack and wasting time).  You’ll not find any music or mirrors as this is a space to focus on YOU, YOUR goals and YOUR mental and physical well-being.
Strength session, row, recovery, sauna, ice bath…the REORG room is the missing piece to complete your Jiu Jitsu lifestyle, and all under one roof.  

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Our relationship with the REORG charity is something very special and started through Professor Mike’s service within Her Majesties Royal Marines.  We have a number of initiatives in place with REORG and each year a small number of our members, who serve our country either in the military and/or blue light services, benefit from their membership costs being covered completely.
We also gift a small percentage of each REORG room membership back to the charity on an annual basis and regularly hold seminars and special events to raise funds to support others with their mental health through the positivity of Jiu Jitsu.
By joining as a Premium Member and accessing the REORG room you can now do you bit to help this amazing cause.
Logistically, it works great around the Jiu Jitsu class time table and allows me to put more emphasis on recovery with the introduction of the ice bath and sauna, along with any cardio or strength work I may need to catch up on.”
Jonny Grayshon
I’m guilty of not prioritising my recovery so having the ice bath and sauna in there to help is amazing.

It’s also great knowing that your membership gives back to the REORG charity.”
Lauren Uttley
The Reorg room is a brilliantly equipped training room that forms an integral part of the high performance and tight knit community that is growing at the academy.

Access to the world class recovery facilities (infrared sauna and ice bath) help me to train more often and avoid injuries.
Oliver Goss


REORG Membership

Access to the REORG Room
No long term commitment
Support the REORG charity