Gracie Barra Roundhay Leeds



Edition: #006

Published: 30/05/24

Author : Wai Yip

Oscar Clayton

1. Hey Oscar! Thanks for taking the time to be this week’s Q&A guest! You’ve been with us since 2021; what made you decide to try BJJ in the first place?
OC: I tried a trial class and enjoyed it, so I kept going.

2. You’re part of our Junior Leadership Program (JLP); what’s your favourite part about being a Junior Assistant Coach?
OC: Doing coaching helps me understand techniques more and boosts my confidence.

3. You’ve also just moved into our new Teens Advanced class; how are you finding it, and how does it differ from the former Junior & Teens class?
OC: I prefer the advanced class because it helps me with more complicated techniques. It is also less busy, so you get more attention from the coach.

4. What’s the most challenging technique you’ve learned so far on your BJJ journey, and how did you overcome it?
OC: X-Guard was most challenging for me, but I learnt it from practising over and over again

5. Who would you choose if you could roll with any of GBRL’s coaches? And what technique would you try to catch them with?! 
OC: Probably Coach T and I would hit him with a flying armbar!

6. Outside of BJJ, what’s a hobby or interest you have that might surprise your teammates?
OC: I like drawing and playing football.

7. If you could have a superhero power that would be AWESOME for BJJ, what would it be?
OC: If I could get any superpower for BJJ, it would be seeing everything in slow motion.

8. Lastly, what advice would you give to a teen who is considering joining GBRL?
OC: The coaches and other students are very friendly, joining GBRL will boost your confidence and give you new skills.

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