Gracie Barra Roundhay Leeds is committed to supporting all of our members both on and off the mat.  We exist to develop & support others to reach their full potential.  We also believe in flexibility, integrity & transparency and therefore have written this freeze policy with the aim of informing our members of their options when considering time away from the academy.  We hope that all of our members will view this policy as both fair and generous.  We encourage any of our members to speak to us directly and confidentiality prior to ending/freeing their membership.


We trust that all of our members value their academy and want the best for the business, their training partners and teammates.  This includes honouring their membership agreements and the terms & conditions signed when setting up their membership and not seeking to undermine the health and positivity of the business for personal gain.


Members trust that Gracie Barra Roundhay Leeds will always seek to promote fairness & flexibility in their membership offering and where agreements are not able to be made regarding membership freezes/terminations, decisions will have been made in good faith and communicated throughout.

Freeze Payments & Credits

During a membership freeze, all membership payments will be paused.  Annual members will have any freeze periods credited to the end of their current annual membership and these credits will form a part of the previous 12 month period (no further freezes will be allowed during credit periods).


Upon return to training members retain their membership benefits/price previously enjoyed.

Notice Required

All freezes start from the 1st day of the following month.  A minimum of 14 days written notice is required for all membership freezes.  Members will receive confirmation in writing that their membership freeze has been approved.  

Membership freeze requests should be made in writing to membership@graciebarraroundhay.co.uk and must include the following information:

  • Reason for the proposed freeze
  • Start and end dates of the proposed freeze

Membership Freeze Options

Members are able to freeze their current membership for a minimum period of 1 full calendar month and a maximum period of 3 full calendar months once per annum.   Members are not able to train within the academy during freeze periods as this invalidates insurances.  


Reasons provided for freezing memberships include but are not limited to:


  • Family holidays
  • Periods of study 
  • The pursuit of other short term goals
  • Periods of competition within another sport
  • Redundancy or loss of income
  • Minor injuries or short term illness
  • Professional commitments & period of working away


Should members wish to freeze their membership for longer than 3 calendar months this must be discussed with Gracie Barra Roundhay Leeds management as soon as possible.  Long term membership freezes will only be agreed if the member strongly wishes to return to training after the freeze period.  Membership freezes that last longer than 3 calendar months will be considered on an individual basis and must be also made in writing.


Injury during training

Should a member be injured whilst training at Gracie Barra Roundhay Leeds, or whilst competing and representing Gracie Barra, their membership will be frozen indefinitely whilst the member recovers.


Members are able to freeze their membership up to a maximum period of 12 calendar months, should they wish, during or after pregnancy.  Periods of freeze for pregnancy must be agreed in advance, these periods however may be extended upon request.  Shared paternity is included as part of this exemption. 

Membership Cancellation

Members who cancel their membership must follow the cancellation procedure and agreement timeframes set out in the membership/terms & conditions policy.  This policy was signed by all members prior to creating their membership account.


Members who return to training following a period of cancellation will forfeit any previous membership benefits and will be subject to new membership pricing which may be different from that previously enjoyed.

Thank you for taking the time to read through our Freeze Policy! If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at membership@graciebarraroundhay.co.uk.