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Edition: #008

Published: 31/01/21

What an amazing and positive week here at GBRL HQ!  Charity support, new members joined our tribe and we were even featured officially in Gracie Barra Online (yes us, out of over 800 schools worldwide!).  Hard work and positivity pays off and strive to continue to create the best experience for anyone who is a part of our community…..and that means you!

As you will now know, this is your regular instalment of the things we’ve been up to in and around the academy, stuff that’s caught our eye this week and info that we feel benefits you.  

Got a specific question?  Chances are we’ve answered it on our YouTube channel or Website FAQs.  If you can’t find the answer, hit us up on Email – we love to chat!

roundhay school

Roundhay Primary School Food Bank

What a special moment it was this week for Professor Mike and Coach T as they delivered our first batch of supplies to support the Roundhay Primary School Food Bank Appeal.

We were met by Head Teacher Mr Field and some of Roundhay Primary’s pupils who were in school as their parents are key workers.

We’re so passionate about helping others in our community both on and off the mat and when we heard that some children needed support with essential items we just had to get involved.

If you need support or want to be part of a community with 100% positive intentions then we’d love to hear from you!

Lockdown 3.0 FireSale - £1 Membership + 10% Off!

Interested in what we do?  Thinking about joining as a member or attending a free trial.  We have an amazing deal just for you!

For a limited period we’re offering a £1 membership for anyone who signs up as a member during lockdown.  You’ll receive full access to our live online classes and then an amazing 10% off your first 16 weeks when we reopen.  We’ll also pay 50% towards the cost of your uniform!

Don’t keep putting it off.  See this lockdown as an opportunity to change your life, build a bigger and better group of friends and learn new skillls.


Our Doors Will Never Close

We might be facing another 6 weeks or more of lockdown but we made a promise when this all started to never close our doors to our members.  Ok, we can’t deliver in person training but that hasn’t stopped us from keeping everyone connected, healthy and energised through our live online classes and sessions.

We have classes for everyone including children and with membership priced currently at only £1 per month there’s no better time to experience Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

As a gift from us in order to help keep your family active why not click the link below and take part in one of our BarraFit classes we delivered this week.?

45 minutes, no equipment required.  It’s a tough one….can you handle it?

Shout Out To Our Amazing Tribe!

We just wanted to say a mahoosive (a Royal Marine term for huge!) thank you to all of our members who donated 15% of their membership in February towards our charity appeal.  You guys are the best!!

Special Guests From The Other Side Of The World!

This week Coach T was joined by the fantastic and inspiring Tuttle family who are originally from the USA but are currently training at Gracie Barra Bondi in Sydney, Australia.  This is a great 20 minute episode for your kids to watch on YouTube and we hope they are inspired by stories of the Team Tuttle Jiu Jitsu journey so far!!

We know that times are tough right now but look hard and there is light at the end of the tunnel.  There are also some amazing opportunities for those who are ready to take the leap.  

See lockdown as a time to reflect, maybe it’s about time you lost that xmas bulge or to try that new hobby you keep putting off?  

If we stay positive and connected in the best way we are able we’re certain that we’ll all emerge from this both stronger and better prepared as people than ever before!

Stay safe, stay active, stay connected!!!