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Edition: #005

Published: 22/12/2


3 sleeps to go!!!

As we run into a very different Christmas this year we wanted to send you all positive vibes and our very best ‘season’s beatings’!  We also wanted to thank you for your commitment to what will be an amazing 2021 on the mat.  As a token of our appreciation we’re offering all of our Founder Members unlimited free access to GB Online, check out how to ‘Virtually unwrap’ your gift below!

As you will now know, this is your regular instalment of the things we’ve been up to in and around the academy, stuff that’s caught our eye this week and info that we feel benefits you, our members.  

Got a specific question?  Chances are we’ve answered it on our YouTube channel or Website FAQs.  If you can’t find the answer, hit us up – info@graciebarraroundhay.co.uk – we love to chat!


Santa did come early to Gracie Barra Roundhay!

Free unlimited online access to GB Online for our Founder Members!!

We wanted to thank & reward all of our Founder Members by offering you a gift to kickstart your Jiu Jitsu journey and provide something positive to do during a challenging festive period. 

GB Online is a world leading, comprehensive collection of BJJ content and techniques.  It includes information about our GB family and also contains hundreds of video hours of our curriculum recorded by some of the top figures in the sport of BJJ.  Free access will be available for members whilst we remain in Tier 3 restrictions or higher, and we’ve made it completely free!

All you need to do to unwrap your gift is the following:

Step 1 – Go to Gracie Barra Online (click the link below)

Step 2 – Click Create Account and enter your details. Enter School as GB Roundhay, Leeds.

Step 3 – Wait up to 24hrs to be given access to the courses. You will receive an email confirmation. 

Step 4 – (recommended) Download the ‘Gracie Barra BJJ Online’ app for easy access.

Step 5 – Enjoy 

Even more value - more opportunity & options to train!!

You know us quite a bit by now, we’re all about giving you the best value possible and helping you to get on the mat and develop.

We were asked by a couple of members if we’d consider putting on early morning training….more Jiu Jitsu you ask?  Absolutely!!!

So, we’ve added two additional 0630 morning classes for our early birds and insomniacs and also added another GB1 class later on Monday evenings.  Don’t forget we have showers so you’ll be able to head straight into work with that (“I’ve already trained Jitz today”) smug feeling inside!!

This provides even more options for our newer members to get on the mat, book trials & for some (the mat rats amongst you) gives you the chance to train twice in one night!

Don’t forget to book your classes via your TeamUp account.

#noexcuses #noregrets

podcast art small

North Leeds Jitz Podcast
North Leeds Jitz Kids Podcast

Have you checked out our new Podcast & our separate mini Podcast for kids?  You can find them on the resources page of our website and wherever you find you Podcasts.  Let us know what you think!!

Episode 1 – An offer you can’t refuse
Episode 2 – Accepting Adversity 


Episode 1 – What to expect
Episode 2 – Talking techniques

And finally….

If you’re stuck for something to pass the time this Christmas why not check out our YouTube channel and Blogs where you’ll find all of our Mat Matters newsletters, free techniques & more!

We’d also like to offer up assistance to any of our members & their families this Xmas.  Whether it’s just a conversation, sharing a coffee at the academy or helping in another way.  We want you to know that we care and are always here to help & support!


Stay safe, stay strong, eat lots!!!