Gracie Barra Roundhay Leeds



Edition: #008

Published: 28/06/24

Author : Wai Yip

Joey Ali

1. Hey Joey! You’ve been with GBRL since April 2021; do you remember your first day on the mats? What was going through your mind during those initial moments?

JA: I was thinking whether it would be fun or boring or rough and loads more.


2. You’re a part of our Junior Leadership Programme. What’s your favourite part about coaching the younger students?

JA: Getting to help other people get better and better at jiu-jitsu.


 3. As someone with experience on the competition mats (7 wins!), what advice would you give to other young BJJ practitioners who aspire to compete?

JA: If they lose try and think and work on what you did wrong and if you win you still have loads of space for improvement.


4. It’s awesome to see the strong family bond within the GBRL community with your brother, Oscar, and your dad, Dan, also involved. Would you rather have a BJJ match against your dad with your dad wearing giant inflatable gloves or against Oscar on a bouncy castle?

JA: Me against dad with him wearing giant inflatable gloves.


5. What’s your favourite BJJ move or technique, and why?

JA: Triangle because you have loads of control while being able to submit them but for technique I’d probably say flip pass or knee cut.


6. Outside of GBRL, what hobby or interest of yours surprises people when they hear about it?

JA: I really love bouncing on our trampoline.


7. If you could be any superhero on the mats, who would you be, and what is it about their special powers that would be useful on the mats?

JA: Captain America because he is brilliant at martial arts.


8. Lastly, what advice would you give to a new student just starting out at GBRL?

JA: I would tell them they are doing well then correct them, then tell them they did well again (PCP).

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