Gracie Barra Roundhay Leeds



Edition: #002

Published: 22/04/24

Author : Wai Yip

Harry Crawford

1. What’s the story behind your very first BJJ class? What made you decide to step onto the mats?


My barber and good friend Danny Ali basically chewed my ear off about it for three months until I eventually caved and tried it! I’m very happy that he did, though, because I instantly loved it!


2. What’s the most unexpected thing you’ve learned from BJJ?


Patience and being comfortable in uncomfortable situations are both useful on and off the mats.


3. What is your Spirit Animal on the mats?


I would love to say something cool like a bear, but realistically… probably a fish. I have a 3-second memory when it comes to learning the technique and spend most of my time flopping around on the floor with no idea what’s going on.


4. If you could roll with any BJJ practitioner, alive or historical, who would it be, and what do you imagine the match would be like?


Rickson Gracie, we would probably slap and bump, and then I would wake up not having a clue who or where I am (like most of my rolls)


5. You’re part of our Competition Team and have participated in several tournaments; what’s your advice for anyone considering competing?


Know your A game and try your best to stick to it. Also, try your best to stay relaxed and not let your nerves get the best of you. Treat it like any other roll.


6. Describe your favourite BJJ move using only emojis.



7. If BJJ had a ‘walk-out’ song like in boxing, what would yours be?


Sabotage – Beastie Boys


8 Finally, if you had to describe BJJ to an alien, how would you do it in one sentence?


2 adults scoot around on their bums, in their pyjamas, until one of them falls asleep or breaks a limb… for fun, apparently.

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