COVID-19 Operating Policy & Terms of Reference

We understand that some people remain concerned about COVID-19.  The safety and wellbeing of our members, their families and our staff continues to be our top priority.  We are continuously monitoring the Coronavirus situation, remain respectful to government guidance and will continue to inform members of any changes to our policies and/or operating guidance.

Key References within this Document

COVID-19  – An illness caused by a virus called Coronavirus or severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS-CoV-2).

Educational – Relating to the provision of education and/or intended or serving to educate or enlighten.

Supervised – Observe and direct the execution of a task or activity.  Keep watch over (someone) in the interest of their or others’ security/safety.


Gracie Barra Roundhay Leeds (hitherto referred to as GBRL) is not a medical professional and as such has written this policy with only a sound working and contemporaneous knowledge of COVID-19, the risks the virus presents to individuals and the methods and rates of transmission & prevention currently set out in reported literature and data.  Anyone who does not agree with this operating policy has a personal right, and responsibility, not to participate in training or to visit the academy.  By visiting the academy and/or participating in training activities all persons waive their right to hold GBRL responsible for any COVID-19 infection regardless of method of transmission or severity of symptoms.

Current Government Guidance - participation in sport

There are no restrictions on how many people can take part in sport and physical activity, or on the activities they can do. Sport participation events such as races and walks can take place with no capacity caps for participants or spectators provided they can be safely accommodated.

Process and Rationale of current GBRL Actions On and Operating Guidance

In creating and updating this policy GBRL has read and understood the current Government guidance.  We have also researched numerous studies and literature and sought to balance the risk presented by the virus with the ongoing risks of reduced mental & physical wellbeing developed as a result of a lack of physical movement, learning, community & human connection.  It is GBRL’s firm belief that society has paid a huge price as a result of COVID-19 (rightly so given the initial impact of the virus) but that as we move into 2022 and with the success of the vaccine rollout, we should continue to seek to balance the risks of contracting the virus with rebuilding our lives and livelihoods.

Our classes follow a structured educational curriculum which is split into age appropriate programs aimed at the teaching and learning of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  All of our classes are supervised by qualified instructors and coaches who are able to ensure the operating guidance of this policy is implemented and followed.

Current Operating Guidance

  • Completion of a COVID-19 risk assessment – updated November 2021
  • Increased hygiene protocols in place with an emphasis on regular surface cleaning – upgraded to 3 times per week professional cleaning team from November 2021
  • Visitors are encouraged to wear face coverings in all areas of the academy unless participating in training. 
  • We will provide adequate ventilation, particularly in the main training area, by keeping windows open.
  • We will be robust in turning away any members or visitors who do not follow our risk assessment guidance and/or present a high temperature or perceived symptoms of COVID-19.
  • We will react, if required, to any changes in government policy and communicate this to our members as soon as is practicable.

Actions On

Anyone presenting symptoms of COVID-19 or who has received a positive test for Coronavirus or who are isolating due to contact with anyone who has/may have Coronavirus (unless exempt) MUST NOT visit the academy under any circumstances 


GBRL encourage everyone to test themselves regularly to mitigate the risk of infections being transmitted


We also strongly advise that members take time off training if suffering from any other infectious virus such as colds and flu.  This helps to protect teammates and their families over the winter period when such viruses are more likely to cause illness and take hold.

GBRL will regularly review this policy and will communicate any amendments to members immediately.


At GBRL we remain focussed on the health and wellbeing of our members.  We understand that COVID-19 remains a challenge and a very real risk to some but also passionately believe that the mental & physical health benefits of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu outweigh any further measures at this time.  We reserve the right to change this position without notice should the mitigations put in place not result in a safe place for our members to be.