Complaints & Grievance Policy

At Gracie Barra Roundhay Leeds (hitherto referred to as GBRL) we pride ourselves on providing the best experience for our members.  We strive for excellence in all that we do and our personal standards are extremely high.  We’re also humble enough to accept that occasionally we may get things wrong or that our customers’ expectations may not be fully met.  In those circumstances, we want to know.  We want to know so that we can try and put things right but also so that we can learn and develop so that in future our members’ experiences will be even more exceptional.

We encourage you to speak to a member of GBRL staff in confidence with any informal feedback.  Our staff will always ensure we try and put things right where possible.

Should you have a more serious complaint or grievance we encourage you to write to us immediately.  We assure you that any feedback or complaint will be dealt with promptly and in complete confidence.

All complaints must be submitted in writing to membership@graciebarraroundhay.co.uk within 14 days of the date of the instance with which your complaint refers. 

We will reply by confirming receipt of your complaint within 72hrs.  Should we require any more information we will contact you in confidence with details to ensure we’re best placed to investigate your complaint in full.

We always aim to complete our internal process of investigation within 14 days and once complete will write back to you with the outcome.  

Thanks as always for your understanding and support.

Your GBRL team