#011 – The Atlantic Grappler

#011 – The Atlantic Grappler Today on a bonus episode of the North Leeds Jitz Podcast we talk to Prof. Mike about his charity campaign to solo row across the Atlantic ocean in 2022. Mike is raising money for Leeds Hospital Charity after his son’s life was saved, being born prematurely at the LGI ten […]

#010 – Tom Harris

#010 – Tom Harris This week on the podcast we had the pleasure of being joined by @tom_in_oz who is a long time friend and instructor of Prof Mike. Tom is an Army Veteran and 2nd-degree black belt under @victorestimagb. He founded the original ‘Gracie Barra Leeds’ in 2005 but has since moved to live in Tasmania. 󠁡󠁵󠁴󠁡󠁳󠁿 […]

#009 – Micro Adjustments

#009 – Micro Adjustments This week on the show we discuss T passing out from a strangle for the first time, whilst filming a technique video! A white belts post to the BJJ Fanatics FB page that has been getting a lot of attention and some myths in BJJ. 

#008 – 12 Commandments Of BJJ

#008 – 12 Commandments Of BJJ This week on the show Mike and T discuss Master Carlos SR 12 Commandments Of BJJ.  This is the first NLJ Podcast to be filmed, be sure to check it out on Youtube too! 

#007 – Conventional Wisdom?

#007 – Conventional Wisdom This week on the show T gives Mike some ‘Conventional Wisdom’ in BJJ. Mike breaks it down and lets us know if he agrees or disagrees! Here are some of the things we cover:  don’t chase the next belt don’t chase gym wins, there’s no substitute for mat time, position before […]

#006 – Indergaard

#006 – Indergaard This week we are joined by Tom Walker who is a musculoskeletal specialist physiotherapist from our new partner Indergaard Physiotherapy.

#005 – Reflection

#005 Reflection This week Mike and T reflect back on our first Zoom class, why we started and why we continue to train, if there are any supplementary things you can do to help your BJJ and a little about the differences between gi and no-gi. 

#004 – First Class Fears

#004 – First Class Fears Mike and T discuss their first BJJ classes, dispel some fears, and shed light on how GB classes are run.

#003 – A Philosophy

#003 – A Philosophy Mike and T discuss the values of your academy, being a white belt and most importantly Christmas!!

#002 – Accepting Adversity

#002 – Accepting Adversity This week Mike and T have a deep dive on the topic of adversity and its relationship to BJJ.