#012 – Orson Bates

#012 – Orson Bates Today we switch out Coach Gabe for his older brother Orson.  Orson’s ambition is to become a professional footballer and he is very disciplined in the pursuit. We discuss the parallels between what it takes to become a great footballer and a great BJJ player.

#011 – Coach Gabe Says

#011 – Coach Gabe Says Today on a quick episode of The North Leeds Jitz Kids Podcast we are re-joined by Coach Gabe for a catch up. We discuss some techniques, what it’s like to now be a 10 year old and the game taking the world by storm ‘Coach Gabe Says’.

#010 – The Tello Sisters

#010 – The Tello Sisters This week on the NLJK we are joined by the Tello sisters who have been training BJJ since they were 4 years old! They are both highly accomplished competitors here are just some of their achievements:  Alicia:  – 2x Silver medals at Pan Pacific Championships – 1x Gold medal in […]

#008 – Eric Fridlis

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#007 – Team Tuttle

#007 – Team Tuttle This week we have a special show for you all! We are joined by the Tuttle Twins Gabriel and Nolan and their dad Adam! It’s a part of a series of episodes we are doing with the team at Gracie Barra Bondi @gbbondi so our new little champions can listen to […]

#006 – Knocks And Bumps

#006 – Knocks And Bumps This week we are talking about the knocks and bumps our little champions may experience on the mat at BJJ and the many mitigations we have in place.

#005 – Mata Leão

#005 – Mata Leão Coach Gabe walks us through the highest percentage submission in grappling the rear naked choke (Mata Leão) And we discuss how, when and why we teach submissions to our Little Champions.

#004 – First Kids Class

#004 – First Kids Class We Reflect back on the First Kids Class run by Gracie Barra Roundhay, and if Coach Gabe let out a trump during it. Also, Gabe tries his best not to laugh at the word ‘butt’ and we find out he has a secret admirer…