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Why Brazilian jiu-jitsu

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Self Development

We push ourselves and each other to reach our personal goals be that increased confidence, resilience, fitness or something else.

Your reason for starting Jiu Jitsu is unique but your goals are achieved with the support of others just like you.


Armed with new skills you will become more confident and successful in all aspects of your life.

You will walk a little taller, make better and more decisive decisions and see the world through a clearer lens.

Shared Experiences

There is no feeling like that felt after a tough training session with your teammates.

Discussing technique and how you pushed yourself in sparring when you felt that you couldn’t go on.

Shared experiences on the mat create the strongest of bonds and communities.

our memberships


Integrity is one of our principles at Gracie Barra Roundhay Leeds and we’ll always be honest and transparent with our members.

We believe sign-up fees are a way for businesses to line their pockets and tie in their customers.

We don’t believe in that...so we don’t do it. Pay only for your membership. We’ll even contribute towards the cost of your first uniform!


We know you’ll love Jiu Jitsu and the benefit it brings to your life.

We want you to be training with us this time next year too...and the year after.

So we brought in our Annual Membership to provide even more value to our members. It’s our investment in you!

2 months training for free and a free uniform, worth over £300!


We want our customers to get the most from their membership, that includes enjoying flexibility and the best price possible for each and every class.

That’s why we offer unlimited classes in our adults programs.

One price. Train as often as you like, day or night….or both!

All You Need To Know

frequently asked questions

 No of course not, it’s our job to help you improve your fitness, overall health and confidence.  Our warm up is consistent and scalable and provides a gauge to your fitness improvement.  They say the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago and the next best time is today.

 We understand some women may feel more comfortable training in same sex classes initially and for that reason we do offer one women’s only class each week.  We find that most of our female members enjoy training in our mixed classes however once their confidence improves – contact us to discuss this with a member of our team.

 Great, welcome to the team!  We use a fantastic app which enables our members to book onto the classes they wish to attend in advance.  It takes seconds.  Our kids members are scheduled into age appropriate classes to provide parents and kids with much needed routine

Join Now

Yes!  Our academy was fully refurbished in late 2020 prior to opening and now boasts separate spacious changing areas with showers.  We also offer a range of other amenities and facilities designed to make your Gracie Barra experience as positive and memorable as possible.  Check out our blog describing all of our new facilities

 BJJ is different from more traditional martial arts in that promotions aren’t solely based on one’s ability to regurgitate movement or technique.  We believe that a student’s ability to execute efficient technique on a competitive opponent is the true test of their ability as this closely replicates a self-defence or combative situation.  Professor Mike was awarded his Black Belt after 8 years of consistent training but it is widely accepted that 10 years is the average amount of time.  One thing is for sure….if you don’t start today it’ll take you one day longer!

Have a look at this blog!

Yes. We offer bespoke private training classes and programs for individuals and small groups.  We also offer Jiu Jitsu to professional sports teams and law enforcement upon request.  Contact us to discuss your specific requirements

 Of course, we love to meet people who have trained before and you’ll be a welcome addition to our team.  We allow non-members to purchase a drop-in class pass up to a maximum of twice per month.  If you plan on training more often with us then a full membership will be the best option for you.  Contact us for more details.

We know that for competitors, choosing a place to train and develop is a key decision.  All of our instructors have competed nationally and internationally and therefore are able to provide you with the kind of training you need.  In addition, by joining the Gracie Barra family we are able to provide access for you to train alongside other GB competitors and world champion athletes…who knows, you may even earn the right to join our GB Ambassador program.  Contact us to find out more.