Academy Closure Policy

  1. Gracie Barra Roundhay Leeds reserves the right to close the academy at short notice due to unforeseen circumstances.  Although a very rare occurrence, instances which may force closure could include, fire, flood, sickness and viral pandemic.  Unforeseen closure will always be a last resort following every other possible consideration has been taken to remain open.  Compensation to members may be offered in lieu of missed classes and this will be communicated to members within 7 days of any closure.  For prolonged closure and online curriculum will be offered to all members.


  1. The academy closes for 4 weeks each year (Christmas and summer) to allow for deep cleaning, staff holiday and refurbishment and/or investment/improvements made to academy facilities.  The closure dates are published at the beginning of each calendar year on our website and communicated via Whatsapp to our members.  Membership prices are reduced at source, taking into account an offering of 48 weeks per year and therefore full membership payments will be taken in the months of December, July and August despite the academy not being open for a full calendar month.


  1. The academy will also close for bank holidays.  Open mat training may be offered to adult members on bank holidays but this is not guaranteed.  Child members with classes scheduled on a bank holiday will be credited with a class for that week which they may take at any time within the following 7 days without the need to book.


  1. An important element to our offering is the opportunity to compete and to represent Gracie Barra Roundhay Leeds in competition.  Competition is an important developmental tool which our academy encourages.  Additional competition classes are offered to members in order to prepare them for the demands of such events.  These competition classes are offered free of charge to our adult members.  To support our competitors, instructors and coaches may be absent from the academy on large competition dates.  For national/international competition the academy may close to enable our full support to be behind everyone who is representing our team.  These dates will be published in advance on our website calendar. 


5.  Any questions regarding our offering or closure policy should be sent by email to membership@graciebarraroundhay.co.uk.