#027 - Carlos Lemos Jr

This week on the show we are privileged to be joined by a 5th-degree black belt under Master Carlos Gracie Jr, multiple-time world champion and European champion – Prof Carlos Lemos Jr. (@carloslemosjrgb)

Prof Carlos started BJJ at the age of 14 having previously trained TKD and Judo. He quickly earned the nickname “Escorrega” meaning slippery on account of him being so hard to hold down.

In 2004 Carlos Lemos was given the task to spread Jiu Jitsu in Europe, Escorrega followed Carlos Gracie’s instructions and successfully built several Gracie Barra academy’s on the continent, where he graduated a few BJJ practitioners, namely: Niclas Gustafsson (@therealnicoboyish) and Peter Berglund (@blackb31t) from Sweden, Salvadore Pace (@gracie_barra_bath_)


Federico Tisi (@federico_tisi) who is the head of the @tribe_jiu_jitsu in Italy, Gibran Alvares (@gibrangbjj) in Cancun & Playa del Carmen, Mexico, Ryo Ominami (@ryoominamigb) black belt team representative in Japan and finally Markku Tapiola (@feragb), Joni Iman (@ramboz_amazinglife) and Jukka Lemola (@jukka_lemola) who are in charge of Gracie Barra in Finland.

Prof Carlos now lives with his family in Chicago and teaches at his schools @graciebarradownersgrove and @graciebarraenaperville