#022 - Bradley Hill

This week on the show we are joined by one of the best competitors in the UK @bradleyhillbjj

Prof. Bradley started BJJ at age 12 after meeting @victorestimagb. Subsequently, he received his black belt at the age of 22. He is well known as ‘The Omaplata Man’ from his use of the submission in high level competition! 

On the episode, we discuss his studying of wrestling, @victorestimagb stories, his methodology on how to get better at bjj whilst going through the ranks, how he struggled to pass closed guard for a long time, what makes a good coach, the benefits of a competition team, what it means to be a martial artist and much more!

You can pick up many of Bradley’s Instructional series at: https://thegrappleclub.com/ or take a look at his awesome Youtube Channel 

Keep up to date with the latest from Bradley via his Linktree