#007 - Conventional Wisdom

This week on the show T gives Mike some ‘Conventional Wisdom’ in BJJ.

Mike breaks it down and lets us know if he agrees or disagrees!

Here are some of the things we cover: 

  • don’t chase the next belt
  • don’t chase gym wins,
  • there’s no substitute for mat time,
  • position before submission,
  • always win the grip fight
  • technique beats size and strength
  • a black belt is a white belt that did not quit
  • iron sharpens iron
  • (ABC) Always Be Choking
  • I am a shark and the mat is my water
  • guard pulling is for wimps
  • not tapping from pressure
  • no base no case

Shout out to the team at BJJ Brick Podcast for the idea!! @BJJBrick